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Short Teachings

The Prophecies that say that the Edomites will be in Control of Jerusalem at the Return of Messiah

How to Keep the Sabbath (It’s Probably Not How You Think)

Tongues Explained

Will Y’shua Pay Your Ransom? (Charlie’s Presentation)

Are We Priests in the Order of Melchizedek?

Walking in the Spirit (According to Scripture)

Fire From Heaven

Baptism and Being Born Again

Y’shua’s Death

What is Hell?

Did the Serpent Lie to Eve?

The Crimson Worm

Are Death, Hades and Destruction Concepts or Beings?

Will Y’shua Pay Your Ransom? (JP’s Presentation)

How Did Y’shua Lead Captivity Captive?

The Truth About Deliverance Ministry

Is Yeshua YHVH?

When Does a Day Begin?

Conspiracy Theories

Call No Man Teacher

The Name

The Gospel of Thorns

Should a Man Have Long Hair?

Did Yeshua Die on a Cross?

The Extra-Biblical Texts: A Thorough Examination

The Sons of God

What the Scriptures Teach About Prayer

The ‘Poor’

The ‘Stranger’



Yeshua’s Divinity is Hidden in the Masoretic Text

Sitting Under False Teachers – Whom Does YHVH Blame?

Our Entry Into Mount Zion Prophesied by the Red Sea Crossing

The Camp of Israel

What Does Hebrews Teach Us About יהוה’s Priesthoods?

Should We Be Going to the New Temple in Jerusalem?

Crucify Him!

The Holy Club

The Tithe Lie

Speaking In Tongues

Women As Leaders

יהוה Our Creator God

The Three Defilements (and Four Baptisms)

Veganism: A Scriptural Perspective

Faith Without Torah

Love/Agape (1 Corinthians 13)

Sh’ma and Shamar

Loving and Hating יהוה

The Fear of יהוה

Native Born Israelites

The Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit

The Mark of the Beast

The Ma’aser

Sukkot Videos 2020