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Recommended Resources

2017 – 2018 Calendar

We follow the conjunction calendar. This lists the new moons, feasts and days of rest in 2016/2017


The Rabbi’s Son (Study Archives)

Excellent Torah portion commentaries.


Living Waters

Great Torah study resource.


119 Ministries

119 Ministries present video teachings on a wide range of Torah-based subjects. They also provide a map for believers to connect with each other and a useful calendar resource based on the conjunction.


Rob Skiba’s Virtual House Church

Rob Skiba’s website for Torah study.


Andy Hoy – Project 314

The man who has rediscovered the true shape of the tabernacle.


Douglas Hamp

Excellent resource for video teachings and articles.


Aleph Beta

Very good, non-messianic, Torah commentary.


Torah Family

Steve Moutria’s (originally of 119 Ministries) ministry page.